UK prime minister announces Airbus contract in Indonesia as Far East trade tour continues

Prime Minister David Cameron, who is visiting Indonesia as part of a four-day trade tour of the Far East, today announced a GBP326m Airbus contract with Indonesian airline Garuda.

The PM said that the new contract for 11 Airbus A330 aircraft was “good news for the UK aerospace industry” and would support Airbus jobs in the UK at Bristol and Broughton. In addition it will offer other British companies involved in the GBP1.5bn supply chain the chance to secure more contracts.

Speaking about the purpose of his visit to Indonesia, which follows a trip to Japan, Cameron said that he wanted to help forge links between Britain and the fastest growing parts of the world “because we need to trade and export our way out of our economic difficulties”.

He added that there are opportunities for British business and British investment in Indonesia, and Indonesian investment into Britain. Cameron noted that Britain is the second largest foreign investor in Indonesia and receives a significant share of Asian investment in Europe, adding that he hopes to double UK trade with Indonesia by 2015.

During his time in Indonesia the PM is also expected to push military sales, accompanied by some of Britain’s leading defence manufacturers.

Later in the week Cameron will travel to Malaysia and Singapore and he is also planning to visit Burma.