UK Employment on the Rise: 49,000 New Jobs Created in June

Great Depression -- UnemploymentAsk many Britons what they think of the ‘economic recovery’ and you’ll be hit with a fairly sceptical response. While the country’s economy continues to return to health, many of those left out of work by the recent recession continue to feel as if they’ve been left out of the recovery efforts. The profits we’ve heard about are often fuelled by job cuts, leading many to lose faith in the current recovery.

But the statistics don’t lie – both the economy and unemployment figures are improving throughout the United Kingdom. The Office of National Statistics has released survey data demonstrating a rise in jobs throughout Britain and a subsequent drop in the amount of individuals left out of work. Is it merely a pipe dream from employment agencies, or is there something really happening here?

For the most part, it appears that the increase in employment figures is backed up in reality. A large number of the UK’s biggest companies are expanding their employee base, attempting to return to pre-crisis operating levels within the next two years. An even greater number of small businesses have attempted to increase staff, all with intentions of working through the economic recovery.

However, the decrease in Britain’s unemployment rate hasn’t been uniform across the nation. While regional cities and towns have seen jobs return, largely to pre-recession levels, residents of London are still forced to cope with one of the worst job markets in recent history. While unemployment in the entire country dipped through July, it increased by over three percent throughout London.

Experts have pointed towards the recent layoffs by many city firms for the decrease in employment, claiming that increased profits will eventually resurrect axed positions. For now, it appears that this non-uniform recovery will continue throughout Britain until nationwide firms have healed.