UK employers raise prospect of pay cut for remote staff

One in 10 UK professionals could face a pay cut unless they return to the office, a survey has revealed.

Jobs website CV-Library found that three-quarters (74.2%) of professionals think it is unfair for an employer to suggest a pay cut if a member of staff spends time working remotely or from home. And 69% would consider leaving their job if their employer made the suggestion to them.

One in 20 (19%) of the 1,500 professionals surveyed felt that it was a fair suggestion, but only if the employee now worked on a remote basis, or from home, full time, while 6.8% felt that a pay cut was fair regardless of the remote work split.

Of those prepared to stay in their roles in the event that their salary was reduced, 43.4% said they would accept a 5% pay cut, 20.7% would accept 10% less and 5.9% would agree to a 20% reduction.

More than one in 10 (11.1%) reported that a possible pay cut had already been mentioned by their employer.

“Given the government announcement about tax increases from 2022, business do need to proceed with caution,” said Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library. “If they do choose to further impact salaries and benefits for those working from home, there will be plenty opportunities from companies who will be prepared to meet the needs of top job seekers.”