UAV Turbines' Monarch 5 Engine completes inaugural flight at Griffiss Airport

UAV Turbines, Inc. has announced its Monarch 5 engine has made its inaugural flight at Griffiss International Airport, the company said.

The Monarch 5 engine, a microturbine propulsion system is engineered to provide mid-sized commercial and military unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) with a reliable, efficient, safe, heavy-fuel propulsion system.

The Monarch 5 is now poised to replace the unreliable and maintenance-intensive reciprocating engines currently used by providing operators with superior performance and ease of use, and features a remote start, quiet operation, and long intervals between required maintenance. Click here to watch Monarch 5´s historic first flight.

UAV Turbines, Inc., a pioneer of microturbine technology, is creating the world´s first reliable, lightweight and fuel-efficient microturbine engines to provide propulsion and power generation in small to medium-sized UAVs.