U2opia Mobile, MTN launch Fonepass data platform

U2opia Mobile has launched its sponsored data platform Fonepass, in collaboration with telecom operator MTN in Rwanda, the company said.

Opening up to over four million subscribers, the platform enables users to access e-commerce services on Kaymu, stay connected on Binu, browse food options from Hello food, get safer motorcycle taxis from Safemoto, get travel advisory tips from Tripadvisor and unlock knowledge and opportunities with educational material on Library for all.

Once users log on, they can choose the app they want to access and start engaging and get rewarded for their usage.

Fonepass integrates the sponsored data functionality into existing applications and mobile websites across mobile devices and operating systems, saving time and resources for building and supporting sponsored data-based offers. The platform then allows content providers and carriers to pay the cost of data use that would otherwise impact a subscriber´s monthly data plan.

For the operator, this offers new revenues streams from subscribers, increasing partnership opportunities with content providers for entirely new sources of “non-access” revenue and also enables their subscriber´s greater value while monetizing its mobile data network. The platform gives content providers the potential to enjoy increased customer traffic, at a lower the cost of sales and advertising. Subscribers can access more mobile data through sponsorships and enjoy the world of mobile data.

U2opia mobile is a mobile technology company that enables technology that drives connectivity, fuels transformation and helps companies grow and innovate. It runs operations from Singapore, Delhi, Dubai and San Francisco.