Tyrata's tests internal tread sensor in aircraft tires

Tire sensor and data management company Tyrata, Inc. has announced its patented IntelliTread Internal Tread Sensor (ITS) can effectively measure aircraft tire tread depth in a laboratory setting, the company said.

Aircraft tires are subjected to extreme operating conditions, and determining tread thickness in real-time will provide ground crews and aircraft tire manufacturers with additional information to appropriately maintain tire health for optimal performance and safety. Tyrata plans to carry out additional durability and in-tire sensor field tests in the near future.

Tyrata is applying its technology to address a variety of customer needs for tire tread wear monitoring and associated analytics.

Tyrata, Inc. offers tire health solutions for fleet management, tire manufacturers and automotive service centers. The company´s IntelliTread technology monitors, tracks and predicts tire tread life with sensors linked to cloud-based data management and analytics to warn drivers, service advisors and depot managers when tires are dangerously thin.