Tyco Integrated Security installs new security system at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Tyco Integrated Security has installed a video-enabled exit lane breach control system designed to help automate security at Houston´s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the company said.

The Houston exit lane breach control solution uses analytics technology and door control integration to alert airport officials when an object or passenger tries to enter restricted areas. In such a scenario, an alarm will sound and a warning light will flash, and the event will be captured and recorded by the system´s security cameras.

According to Government Security News, in recent years, breaches of airport exit lanes have posed security risks and cost airlines, airports and the traveling public millions of dollars nationwide. The traditional practice of manually monitoring airport exit lanes has historically been staffed with multiple guards from either the Transportation Security Administration or the local airport. Through the adoption of sensor-based technology solutions like exit lane breach control and containment, officials at the airport may be able to redeploy security personnel or eliminate guard staffing altogether.

Tyco Integrated Security, a business unit of Tyco International, is a North American commercial security systems integrator, providing business security services to more than 500,000 customers.