Turku, Teleste working on smart solutions for city environment

The city of Turku, Finland, and Finland-based Teleste Corporation (HEL: TLT1V) have signed a partnership agreement aimed at implementing new ICT-based innovations in the public sector, the company said.

The agreement, which is one-of-a-kind in Finland, seeks to develop smart, functional technologies which are of use to the city´s residents and also within their reach. Turku is the first public sector body with which Teleste has undertaken this kind of cooperative work.

Turku wants to develop both its own operations and also the whole city environment in line with Smart City principles. The goal is for the parties to work out together which products, applications and services connected with the Smart City concept could be cooperatively developed in the Turku region by the private and public sector together.

Smart Cities can be defined as cities which seek ICT-based solutions for questions arising in their fields of operation through multilateral cooperation between public and private bodies. Related to the Smart City concept is the idea of making information publicly available and developing from it further services and applications.

Teleste will be taking part in the project as a technical cooperation partner and will be researching, developing and piloting different Smart City products, applications and services in line with the framework laid out by Turku.

The goals of the partnership agreement will be realised and honed further through projects which will be separately agreed on.

The partnership agreement does not require either party to provide financial compensation for the other party´s research work, nor does it require Teleste to develop, provide and sell products, applications and services. The partnership agreement does not include procurements; the city will handle all procurements on a case-by-case basis using separate procedures.

Teleste is an international technology company that develops and offers video and broadband technologies and related services. Our supply of technology contributes to the convenience and safety of daily living. It runs a worldwide network of offices and more than 90 percent of its sales are generated outside Finland.