Turkish Airlines teams up with celebrities to fight famine and drought in Somalia

Supporting with the group Love Army for Somalia (spearheaded by social media stars Jerome Jarre, Casey Neistat and actor Ben Stiller), Turkish Airlines is involved in delivering aid to fight famine and drought in Somalia, the company.

Hundreds of tons of supplies have been delivered to the people of Somalia since the beginning of the movement in March, 2017.

The airline that connects continents, cultures and peoples is a well-known brand with its corporate responsibility projects throughout Africa. Recent projects realized by Turkish Airlines in 24 African countries include building and renovating schools, orphanages, clinics as well as providing education and drilling water wells.

Setting up solar panels for clinics situated out of urban areas and cooperating with local authorities and hospitals to provide medical aid are also among Turkish Airlines´ corporate responsibility projects.

As the only international airline that flies to Somalia, Turkish Airlines has a unique access to getting much-needed emergency food support to the country, which is suffering from a devastating drought. Millions of children are at immediate risk of severe malnutrition.

When social media celebrity Jerome Jarre sent a Tweet asking Turkish Airlines directly whether they would send a cargo plane filled with food to Somalia, the company responded quickly – with a resounding yes. That first delivery took place in March, where 60 tons of nutritional supplements designed specifically for kids were sent to Mogadishu for immediate distribution.

Another shipment of food, an additional 60 tons of the nutritional supplements for children, has been delivered to Somalia on Tuesday, August 15th.