Turkcell Rolls Out NarrowBand-IoT Network across Turkey

Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) continuing to invest in LTE – A infrastructure, became the first operator in Turkey to support NB IOT (NarrowBand-Internet of Things) required for new-gen innovative applications on LTE — A networks, the company said.

NarrowBand technology is an upper segment of IoT (Internet of Things) which allows things to communicate over the internet like the people. With the NarrowBand IoT technology, sensors in smart cities will communicate the measuring results to a platform with short delay times provided by LTE – A. Data collected by the sensors and communicated to cloud via LTE – A network will be turned into meaningful data which add to the city environment through big data analyses.

Thanks to this new technology made possible by Turkcell´s LTE – A network, machines communicate fast and effectively and makes lives easier and smarter in cities. As an example this technology can be used in large cities where parking space is a problem, where sensors which communicate fast allow people to reserve parking spaces in advance and save time and fuel. Sensors installed on garbage containers allow the garbage to be collected on time based on fill rate. Smart sensors make remote monitoring of water and gas levels easier.

On the other hand, this technology brings a new vision to agriculture and livestock industries. Automatic irrigation of cultivated areas based on measurement of humidity improve the crop yield and tracking applications for livestock are made more effective and easier. This new technology contributes to the organizations by changing their way of doing business and facilitates tracking of human health. This helps tracking health and sport activities through body sensors and ensures that the necessary interventions in a timely manner.