Turkcell Releases Artificial Intelligence Principles

Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) has announced its Artificial Intelligence Principles that commit to the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence technologies that will be embedded to core business procedures and technologies, the company said.

This initiative has made Turkcell one of the key global contributors to AI ethics and the first in Turkey to announce concrete AI principles.

As a powerful enabler to augment the capability of the society in various areas, AI empowers organizations to satisfy the needs of customers before the need arises, predict and avoid potential malfunctions in systems, and carry out tasks that require high and constant power without an error. With its immense pace in development in the last five years, AI raises powerful questions about degradation of existing jobs, personal data protection and privacy and whether machines will become a thread for the society.

With the announcement, Turkcell has added another first to its track and emphasized the positive impacts of AI despite the suspicion and fear for the new generation technology.