Turkcell Provides Initiatives to Fight Effects of Coronavirus

Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) helps fight the effects of Coronavirus with several initiatives for the community, business and the authorities, the company said.

Backed by its resilient and reliable infrastructure, the company is committed to providing students, teachers, businesses, health authorities and staff, and the elderly with connectivity for their vital daily needs.

Turkcell´s initiatives to help make staying home easy, productive and joyful:

Additional data for students and teachers

Turkcell provides teachers and students with 6 GB of additional data to use on the Ministry of National Education´s remote education website. The company has increased the upload and download speed of residential Internet subscribers to 100 Mbit for continuous education. The company´s IPTV streaming platform TV+ provides parents and students with required channels for the ministry´s educational program on TV and mobile with additional 10 GB data.
Business continuity is ensured with 7/24 connectivity

Turkcell continues to support businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company provides 1,600 companies, including Turkey´s largest, with remote support as Turkey´s largest data center services provider. companies receive 7/24 remote support, which ensures business continuity regardless of location. Turkcell´s engineers also offer remote consultancy services to customers when needed.

Call center staff work from home

Since March 13th, over 5,000 Turkcell employees have been working from home. They continue their business routines uninterrupted over the company´s reliable infrastructure. Additionally, over 10,000 of Turkcell´s call center staff are equipped with the technical tools required to continue serving customers from home.

Within the practices adopted to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Turkcell stores located at shopping malls are closed. Other Turkcell stores continue to serve customers following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and The Information and Communication Technologies Authority. Turkcell also serves customers with its Digital Operator app, over the company´s website and via call centers. The company also shares necessary and helpful information to keep customers informed.

5 GB data and 500 minutes voice package for healthcare staff

Turkcell has started working on a free package that will provide an additional 5 GB of data and 500 minutes of voice to our hugely committed healthcare staff who continue to fight the pandemic.

Turkcell offers digital services to users regardless of operators, country or devices. Communication platform BiP helps users to communicate with their loved ones and hold meetings provided by the app´s HD-quality video group call feature with up to 10 people. TV+ offers viewers movies and TV series, fizy offers live concerts and music, the publishing app Dergilik offers newspapers and magazines, and Paycell offers contactless payment services to users of all operators.