Turkcell prepares network for 5G

Turkcell is testing the “Massive MIMO” technique, which is one of the major solutions from the way of 4.5G evolution towards to 5G, in Europe and Central Asia on a real network, the company said.

With the cooperation of Huawei, Turkcell completed the first live FDD Massive MIMO product set-up using the 1800 MHz frequency band in Antalya, Turkey.

Test results show that 480Mbps Cell Throughput could be achieved by using 8 commercial test terminals on the 20MHz spectrum with live network traffic. Cell Throughput increased more than 5 times compared to practical monitored Throughput level in the same live network test area by serving traditional LTE 4×4 MIMO configuration.

This collaboration is another innovative practice based in the TechCity project with Huawei. Turkcell has also strengthened its experience with the TDD Massive MIMO test, which was previously demonstrated in Ankara with a 6-fold increase in cell throughput, with the FDD Massive MIMO test.