Turkcell, Huawei moving toward 5G

Working together to develop 5G technologies, Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) and Huawei broke a record by carrying out the first 5G mmWave speed test together in line with their innovative work, the companies said.

In the test performed using real 5G equipment in the 71.5 – 73.5 GHz frequency band, a new speed record was reached in this area in Turkey by reaching a difficult system speed of 70 Gbps. In this regard, Turkcell has become one of the few mobile operators in the world that can reach a speed that is impossible with current technologies, using 5G technology.

Turkcell has taken another step in its partnership with Huawei, with which it set off to deepen work in 5G technologies and intensify joint R&D work together.

With the support of the Information Technologies and Communications Corporation (BTK), Turkcell and Huawei broke a new speed record in Turkey by carrying out a 5G speed test. At the tests carried out at Istanbul Turkcell Küçükyalı Plaza, using the 5G technology of the future, using real 5G equipment in the 71.5073.5 Ghz frequency bank, known as mmWave, a download speed that is difficult to achieve in the world with today´s technology, 70 Gbps, was achieved.

As a result of speed tests carried out, it is possible to provide more realistic predictions of data transmission speeds and capacities that will be possible with 5G. With the introduction of 5G, it is predicted that the download speeds will go up to Gigabit levels, and a capacity increase with critical importance will come with it.