Turbid picks Xively Internet of Things Platform

LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) subsidiary Xively said that Turbid is building its next generation of water treatment products on the Xively IoT platform.

By using Xively to connect, control and monitor these solutions, Turbid is increasing the efficiency and accuracy of its solutions, making it possible for clients to remotely manage and track water quality in sediment basins.

Xively provides the first public cloud purpose-built for the commercial Internet of Things (IoT). The company´s website is at https://xively.com

Turbid has developed a system to replace the standard sediment basin used on landfills, quarries, mines and construction sites to treat sediment-laden water. Compared to the industry standard, the Turbid solution occupies a smaller footprint (up to 75% less), removes up to five times as much sediment (up to 99% load removal), and can be operated almost completely on a passive basis at a lower total cost than standard sediment basins.