Tumbleweed mobile news app geared to millennials

Entrepreneur Shaun Neff and musician/producer Cisco Adler said they have announced the launch of Tumbleweed, a mobile app geared towards Millennials that features curated, credible news that you can edit and share.

Experts from various industries are showing their support for the app including Jimmy Iovine, Paul Tollett (founder of Goldenvoice), John Malone (former President of Tumblr), Jamie Lynton (board member of SnapChat), Anthony De Rosa (Reuters / The Daily Show) and more.

“There is no definitive source for Millennials to receive ´their news,´” said Shaun Neff, co-founder of Tumbleweed. “We wanted to find a way to crack the Millennial news code that would not only get the younger generation interested and talking about news, current events, lifestyle and entertainment stories but also allow them to share with their friends in a personalized way to spark conversation.”

To accomplish this, Tumbleweed gathers and translates the most important stories of the day into a bite-sized, image-based feed that is editable and sharable. Users can add their own spin on the news by creating #Newsart with the app´s drawing tools, stickers and even create their own stickers. The news feed is updated in real time and stories will disappear in 24 hours providing the most up to date news.

Tumbleweed is available free on the App Store.