TTS-Wireless deploys IMNOS with T-Mobile US

Telecom Technology Services, Inc (TTS-Wireless) IMNOS visualization system has been deployed for T-Mobile US, America´s Un-carrier, to measure customers´ experience with network coverage, speed and performance, the company said.

T-Mobile US utilizes the system for unifying data across their extensive tool portfolio into a single efficient view. IMNOS has allowed T-Mobile US to bring extensive data sets into simple actionable views while allowing additional insight from network KPIs and customer experience related data.

The visualization solution developed for T-Mobile US comprises a range of TTS-Wireless offerings including the GeoSpatial Core platform, Near Real-Time ROP Monitoring, and Network Diary, the machine learning event change engine. The flexibility of the platform will allow for continued integration with the rollout of T-Mobile´s NB-IoT network, 600MHz, and future 5G technology. The partnership will continue to open new ideas, added network intelligence, and reduced data replication efforts across the T-Mobile organization.

Telecom Technology Services is a provider of visualization software and engineering services with headquarters in Pleasanton, California. TTS-Wireless´ flexible, scalable, multi-vendor, multi-technology visualization platform has quickly catapulted TTS-Wireless to recognized leadership in the industry. TTS-Wireless offers a unification platform that lies at the heart of TTS-Wireless network visualization capabilities, providing a wide variety of strategic capabilities — such as advanced analytics, network correlation, and simplified network topology and statistics — to reliably deliver network visualization.