TSB banking app chaos nears resolution

The TSB banking app is now up and running for customers after a disastrous five-day period of customers being locked out or experiencing problems using the service, according to BBC News.

The bank has limited the number of people who can use the app at any one time, in anticipation of a surge in customers trying to log on. A weekend upgrade in the bank’s systems caused unforeseen problems that have caused chaos for customers.

Chief executive Paul Pester has said he is “deeply sorry” and pledged to pay customers compensation.

On Tuesday the bank’s mobile app and online banking platform were taken down for several hours amid a backlash from angry customers. The bank had warned customers that the upgrade may make services unavailable over the weekend, but users complained that the problems were occuring outside this window and expressed concern about being able to make payments and access cash.

Customers have also reported being able to see other users’ data on TSB sites, a claim which is being investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The Financial Conduct Authority said: “We are working with the firm to ensure customers are properly communicated with and are not left out of pocket.

“We will be talking to the firm to understand exactly what went wrong and the steps that they are taking to ensure something like this does not happen again.”