TruePosition releases IoT location product

TruePosition Inc. has released its Machine to Machine/Internet of Things (M2M/IoT) location product, the company said.

The TrueFix system´s M2M/IoT capabilities will enable M2M platform providers, operators, chipset manufacturers and system integrators to significantly improve their ability to locate devices for applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, or resource tracking among others.

TruePosition´s TrueFix M2M/IoT solution provides an Ultra-Light Software Development Kit (SDK) with minimal bandwidth, device memory and power consumption requirements that is suitable for small devices.

The solution uses a binary protocol to send and receive location data, with all transmissions secured by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Direct HTTPS access to the platform´s API is also available for devices on which installing the SDK is not desirable. Connected devices can communicate with TrueFix over their existing backhaul channels including 3GPP, WiFi, LoRa, or other protocols.

TruePosition has been developing, designing and deploying mission-critical geolocation solutions since 1992. Its Wi-Fi solution is powered by its subsidiary, Skyhook Wireless.