TRON launches schedule training software tool

TRON has announced the launch of Puckboard, a data-powered software application, to schedule training for C-17 Globemaster III pilots and crew, the company said.

The tool, developed by and for Airmen, allows schedulers to rapidly match aircraft commanders, pilots, and loadmasters with available flights to complete currency requirements such as aerial refueling and tactical training events required throughout the year.

The digital interface enables planners to visualize flight schedules and generates recommended schedules for each crew member while taking into consideration required qualifications, crew rest, and conflicting events.

Previously, the process required Airmen to shuffle pucks around a whiteboard to determine the best match manually — often taking a 10-20 person operations team several days to produce a viable plan for the week, with changes frequently required at the last minute. With Puckboard, events are automatically populated in a matter of seconds, allowing planners to dedicate additional time to developing more individualized and dynamic training for each crew member.

The team of Airmen and contractors at TRON began the project in September of last year, utilizing work already completed with Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the Marine Corps on a similar initiative for the MV-22 Osprey fleet. By February 2020, they were able to create a Minimally Viable Product on an Air Force Cloud One secure platform.