Tris search engine feature aims to revolutionize chat and communication

Tris Holdings, Tris Search and chat platform´s has launched a social search engine that allows members to connect with others searching the same keyword goal is to be used to foster real communication in real life instead of virtual, and bridge online chat to real life chat, the company said.

Tris is a social search engine “Near Me” searches for users around any given location, and allows for chatting to others in that area in any location. Tris scans geographic areas and after asking to describe the location puts members in a waiting area where they can see others in the vicinity. If the location name does not exist, anyone can create it and then others in the vicinity will enter the room created.

Tris´s goal is to have every business, every restaurant, every airport, every classroom, every coctor´s office, and even every plane, to have its own chat room.

Tris has multiple patents pending related to its search and chat, as well as the “near me” feature and many other elements of its platform.