Trigo joins forces with Mave Aeronautica

Trigo has acquired 100% of the capital of Mave Aeronautica from founder Joaquin Arregui and other shareholders, the company said.

This transaction is a major step in Trigo´s consolidation strategy in the European aerospace quality services market. It will strengthen MAVE´s position by taking the mainly Spanish company to an international level.

MAVE is the pioneer of outsourced quality services for the aerospace sector in Spain, where it has been serving Airbus and other clients, with expertise in quality inspection, quality assurance, measurement and tooling maintenance solutions. MAVE founders will retire and the company will be managed by Antonio Gomez, General Manager since early 2016.

Trigo has entered the Spanish aerospace market in 2015 via the acquisition of GLOBALQ. Together with MAVE, Trigo will achieve more than 70 million euros of annual revenues in the aerospace and heavy transportation sector, with significant operations in Spain, France and Germany as well as North America and Asia.

After the acquisition of Böllinger and Euro-Symbiose in 2016, the Mave acquisition is the third one since ARDIAN, the private investment company, started backing Trigo in mid-2016. Trigo will continue to pursue its market consolidation strategy in quality services for the transportation industry, ultimately offering worldwide, efficient solutions to its international, innovation-driven customers.