TRIGO accelerates development into US Aerospace industry with acquisition of SMS

TRIGO has announced it has acquired Supplier Management Solutions´ (SMS) capital from founder Steve M. Clarke to accelerate development into the US aerospace supply chain, the company said.

The acquisition is still pending CFIUS approval (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States).

The acquisition will strengthen SMS´ position as a quality partner in the aerospace supply chain by providing global coverage in addition to an extended service offering into quality inspection and conformity management.

This is the third acquisition for TRIGO in 2018 and the seventh one since private investment house ARDIAN began backing TRIGO in 2016.

SMS is a leader in the commercial and defense aerospace industry providing global supplier management, development and quality services through “boots on the ground” on-site management to drive systemic changes that improve and sustain on-time delivery and overall supplier performance.

TRIGO Group is a France-based multinational company providing operational quality management solutions for the manufacturing sector, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.