Traxo Enhances Corporate Travel Risk Management

Traxo, Inc., a provider of travel data intelligence, has announced the signing of three new travel risk management and duty of care solution providers: Anvil Group, Drum Cussac, and JESI, the company said.

Each will utilize the industry-leading Traxo CAPTURE data aggregation technology to access critical location details from off-channel bookings, augmenting their travel risk management services for corporate clients. They join Traxo´s portfolio of travel risk management clients such as iJET International, Two10Degrees, and others.

Travel risk management firms provide corporate travel departments with a range of solutions to proactively alert traveling employees and their managers to potential health and safety dangers on the road, and to locate and assist employees in case of emergency. To do this effectively requires comprehensive, timely access to employee itinerary and location details, which is impeded when employees book outside designated channels.

International risk management company, Anvil Group, based in the United Kingdom, is now offering the Traxo CAPTURE email parsing solution to its clients as an embedded feature in its ETMS (Employee Travel Monitoring System), which is used by some of the most prominent corporations across the globe. The integration will enable travelers to forward in confirmation emails for travel bookings as they are made, ensuring location data can be integrated into Anvil Group´s applications in real time.

Drum Cussac, with headquarters in the United Kingdom, will be integrating the Traxo CAPTURE data aggregation technology into its new GlobalRiskManager travel risk management solution for comprehensive traveler tracking, asset monitoring, intelligence and alerting. Initially utilizing the Traxo CAPTURE service for a large university client, Drum Cussac´s service will now be made available to all clients looking to ensure the maximum coverage of their travelers´ itineraries.

Australia-based JESI integrated the Traxo CAPTURE email parsing and itinerary normalization technology within its journey management software, which is used by clients worldwide in the resource mining, construction, shipping, and community/health sectors. With a reliance on mobility solutions for a widely dispersed base of employees and contractors, JESI clients depend on the travel data aggregation services enabled by Traxo to keep track of employees at all times in places that can present safety challenges.

The Traxo CAPTURE product supports more than 5,600 unique confirmation email and hotel folio formats across HTML, text, and PDF, and spans nearly 40 languages. More than one million unique travel and expense data elements are detectable by the Traxo platform — from airport codes to geo-location of hotels, car rental taxes to valet parking fees, and more. The ability to parse, structure, and normalize detailed itinerary and location data from virtually any source makes Traxo CAPTURE the ideal solution for duty of care solutions seeking to augment existing data integrations with global distribution systems (GDS) and travel management companies (TMC), and provide comprehensive, real-time location tracking for their clients.

Dallas, Texas-based Traxo, Inc. provides itinerary intelligence and travel data aggregation technology solutions to clients across the travel ecosystem. With its industry-leading data aggregation platform, Traxo empowers corporate travel and procurement organizations, travel management companies, expense management applications and risk management services to comprehensively track and manage total corporate travel spend activity from end to end, regardless of booking channel. With its API-based services, private-label email parsing and data normalization solutions, Traxo provides its clients with the most robust suite of travel data aggregation services on the market. For more information, visit Twitter: @Traxo