Travelocity offers tips on holiday flying

Travelocity said it is helping people to navigate the challenging Thanksgiving travel season with information and tools designed to help expert and novice travelers alike.

Looking back at the 2014 Thanksgiving travel season, Travelocity data shows that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest day to fly, followed closely by two days before Thanksgiving. Travelers with some flexibility in their schedule can beat the crowds by looking at alternate travel dates. If vacation schedules allow for it, look to travel three days before Thanksgiving, when 2014 Travelocity data suggests that about two-thirds fewer people travel than on peak travel days.

Another great option to avoid the crowds is to travel on Thanksgiving Day. With only about one third as many people traveling on Thanksgiving Day versus the peak travel days earlier in the week, it is a less obvious day to travel, but with a little advance planning, travelers can enjoy a low-stress journey and still make it to their destination in plenty of time for a Thanksgiving Day feast.

While airfares can change rapidly — especially during peak travel times like Thanksgiving — current Travelocity airfare data shows that, on average, the least expensive days to book during this year´s Thanksgiving travel season are for a departure on November 24 and a return on November 30, closely followed by a departure on November 25 and return on November 30. According to Travelocity data, a round trip for these dates is currently about 30 percent less than the average itinerary during the Thanksgiving travel season.

To make it easier for travelers to find the best fares for their specific origins and destinations, Travelocity is introducing its Travelocity Thanksgiving Fare Finder tool at

Other handy tips include:

> Pack only a carry-on bag to save time (no waiting to check a bag or at baggage claim) and avoid baggage fees (which can start at USD25 and go up from there).

> Check-in online 24-hours in advance and make sure that you´ve received a seat assignment.

> If your flight is cancelled, immediately get in line at the airport to talk to gate or ticket agent for the next available flight and check for availability at nearby airport hotels using booking applications on your phone like Travelocity´s app in case you need to stay overnight.