Travel Weekly awards 2018 Magellan awards to has announced Travel Weekly has awarded the company with three Magellan Awards for 2018, the company said.´s booking interface, which was recognized with a Silver Magellan in 2017, received a Gold award this year. The company´s website and blog, also recognized in the past, each received Silver awards for 2018.

The company´s website continues to receive Magellan awards (this is the third consecutive year it has been recognized with an award) for its streamlined user experience that´s simple, straightforward and clean in a competitive environment that´s often cluttered and confusing.´s Silver-winning blog (also recognized in 2016 with a Silver) continues to create unique, helpful flight and airfare content, travel tips and inspiration for its readers.® is powered by a team of 50 travel enthusiasts who use cutting edge technology and superior customer service to simplify the way people shop for travel.