Travel Startups Incubator invests in adventure app

Travel Startups Incubator said it has invested USD25,000 in Chronicles of the Earth, a mobile app aimed at adventure travelers.

Chronicles of Earth, in beta and available in the Apple App Store is a mobile app and social network for travelers where they will be able to define themselves by the trips they take and the stories they share. Stories are told with Chronicles, which are journals of multimedia vignettes located on a map and positioned in time.

The mobile app allows users to add photos, video, audio annotations and text to each Vignette (or chapter) to build a complete picture of their experiences. Travelers can create travel journals and albums and then establish their credentials and trust through the stories and media they share with their friends, family and followers.

Travelers looking for adventure and inspiration will be able to search for their next trip by keyword, location, area of interest, and Chronicle author. Additionally, users can take their journeys offline; saving their Chronicles as travel journals or albums in PDF format that is ready for printing as a soft or hardback book.

Chronicles of Earth finds its competitive edge in evocative storytelling and being able to share with anyone on any device or social media site through a network focused specifically on travelers and tourism.

Chronicles of Earth is a network of storytellers sharing their stories as multimedia Chronicles online and making printable albums and journals.

Travel Startups Incubator was founded in August 2014 to fund seed stage and early stage travel technology ideas and entrepreneurs by providing USD25,000 investments, looking for global travel technology changing ideas, super-talented entrepreneurs and teams, or real startup traction.