Transphorm Releases New Power FETs

Transphorm Inc., the provider of high voltage gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors, has announced availability of its Gen IV GaN platform, the company said.

Transphorm´s latest technology offers notable advancements in performance, designability, and cost when compared to its previous GaN generations. Related, Transphorm also has announced that Gen IV and future platform generations will be called SuperGaN™ technologies.

The first JEDEC-qualified SuperGaN device will be the TP65H300G4LSG, a 240 mΩ 650 V GaN FET in a PQFN88 package. The second SuperGaN device is the TP65H035G4WS, a 35 mΩ 650 V GaN FET in a TO-247 package. These devices are currently sampling and will be available Q2 and Q3 respectively. Target applications include adapters, servers, telecommunications, broad industrial, and renewables. System designers can assess the technology in Transphorm´s 4 kW bridgeless totem pole AC-DC evaluation board, the TDTTP4000W066C-KIT.

Transphorm, Inc. (, a provider of the GaN revolution, designs and manufactures the highest performance, highest reliability high voltage GaN semiconductors for high-voltage power conversion applications. Holding one of the largest Power GaN IP portfolio, Transphorm produces the industry´s first JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified GaN FETs. Its vertically integrated device business model allows for innovation at every development stage: design, fabrication, device, and application support.