TransCirrus delivers free turnkey cloud platform

TransCirrus, the leader in zero to cloud in minutes solutions, has made available a free virtual flex infrastructure suite (vFlex) cloud platform built on top of OpenStack.

The TransCirrus vFlex cloud offers: reduced time to value from days and weeks to minutes, users can securely set up and manage their own environments without IT involvement, scale out to support the organization´s needs today and into tomorrow, built on top of Red Hat OpenStack to ensure success and avoid costly vendor lock-in, connect to your current infrastructure including Lenovo, Red Hat, Supermicro, NetApp, SolidFire, and Nimble Storage, as well as any standard NFS storage platform

TransCirrus vFlex cloud is based on the proven TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure Suite. The TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure Suite was designed for organizations that have either built a cloud environment that was not successful or are just putting their toes in the cloud for the first time.

Also, TransCirrus offers services and support to ensure the success of any organization´s cloud deployment and OpenStack environment.

The team at TransCirrus has decades of combined experience in cloud platforms, ensuring that the vFlex environment is stable and secure, solving the challenges with today´s cloud platforms with a simple to deploy and manage solution.

TransCirrus empowers organizations to deliver cloud environments from zero to cloud in minutes – eliminating the complex and costly products that lock in clients as they try to scale. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of seasoned developers who were frustrated with the challenges of traditional software and infrastructure.

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