Transbeam encourages performance monitoring in hybrid cloud environments

Transbeam has introduced its new Intelligent Network Monitoring (INM) service, a part of Transbeam´s network services package, which can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution, giving network administrators visibility into and control of their networks, even when links are provided by a variety of carriers, the company said.

The company hybrid cloud adoption has increased with private cloud adoption at 77 percent, up from 63 percent last year, according to RightScale´s 2016 State of the Cloud report.

With this transformation from more to less on-premises equipment and provisioning of on-site services increases the need for bandwidth. Employees must increasingly access the Internet perform their jobs, ratcheting up their percentage of legitimate–vs. non-work-related–visits to the Web.

For organizations unprepared for this increased network usage, downtime–as systems slow or halt due to heavy loads–can become a problem, even for companies that thought they had downtime licked. To avoid this, network administrators must stay on top of network capacity and address limitations as they arise.

The company encourages right sizing the network to avoid downtime, save money, monitor improved performance,