, OpenAirlines partner on fuel saving

French leisure airline said it has signed a contract with French fuel efficiency software firm Open Airlines.

Open Airlines said it has implemented Skybreathe fuel efficiency a software solution to help airlines all over the world achieve savings of from 1% to 4% on their fuel costs.

According to the firm, the software is the outcome of four years of R&D and has leveraged the results of the Clean Sky CARING* Project, where Open Airlines and partnered. They have developed algorithms to quickly analyse all the flights of an airline and propose fuel savings solutions.

With SkyBreathe Fuel Efficiency, Open Airlines was awarded the 2013 Sustainable Development Trophy by La Melee association and the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce.

The French airline said it is particularly concerned by its passengers´ well-being. Its commitment to sustainable development relies on practices base on ethical values and respect of the environment. is French leisure airline created by the Air France / KLM group.

It provides scheduled and charter flights to direct customers and tour operators to European and Mediterranean destinations.

Open Airlines was founded in Toulouse, France, in 2006 to meet the needs of airlines to optimise their flight operations and reduce their costs.
It offers software solutions to save fuel (SkyBreathe), manage crews (CrewIntelligenceand CrewPad) and fleet (OptiFleet).

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