Tradentrix offers best of breed service offerings via cloud infrastructure

Tradentrix now provides traders and brokers with secure cloud-based voice communication infrastructure for state-of-the-art trading turrets.

This high value offering to trading and brokerage clients allows for customization of trading solutions and the outsourcing of critical voice communications, recording systems, PBX system, data, applications and desktop workstations. Tradentrix´s new product offering features IPC´s award-winning Unigy Business Continuity Solutions, Pulse Enterprise and IQ/MAX Omni product suites for customers deployed and hosted from the Tradentrix cloud.

The solution offerings range from simple software only solutions using the IPC IQ/MAX Omni software turret, to IPC´s IQ/MAX turret, the premier endpoint position that is the most utilized trading position in the market today.

Tradentrix will deliver the IPC IQ/MAX Omni solution to traders and customers with mobility requirements who are looking for a value add disaster recovery solution or for customers wanting to explore new regions or markets with a minimal investment. The key benefits are easy and rapid deployment, as well as making it an ideal option for providing trader voice services under conditions when access to the front room is not available.

Tradentrix´s provision of Unigy Pulse Enterprise software can provide seamless hoot and intercom access capabilities on the PC, making it easy to connect everyone in the enterprise who is involved in creating, executing and clearing trades. Key benefits include ICM integration to turrets, the elimination of 3rd party intercom devices on traders´ desk and the ability for off floor users to communicate directly with traders on hoots and intercom.

Tradentrix offer of Unigy Business Continuity Solutions promotes resiliency across the entire trading solution and applications suite. So, regardless of whether a minor or severe outage occurs in the data center, the built-in redundancy in Unigy automatically takes over and traders can keep trading. Key benefits include cost effective business continuity protection (BCP) based on soft switch technology rather than hardware thus enabling faster turret recovery options under any conditions.

Tradentrix LLC is a premier consultative IT service organization specializing in the implementation and operation of advanced technology solutions in the data center environment.

IPC is a global provider of mission-critical network services and trading communication technology to the financial markets community.