Trabon launches nutrition calculator

Restaurant industry technology solutions and services company Trabon has released its new My Meal, My Way Nutrition Calculator, the company said.

My Meal, My Way helps restaurants to simply and seamlessly comply with FDA regulations, which go into effect May 2017, to provide guests with 11 specific nutritional data points including calories, fat, sugar and sodium.

Trabon´s calculator also makes it easy for restaurants to modify their menus with new items, LTOs or regional offerings with a simple admin interface to create, edit or delete items while still tracking all nutritional data.

Nutritional analysis housed in the calculator´s proprietary database makes ongoing brand updates easier, and its software allows restaurants to map data directly from their own nutritional data provider. The calculator can be accessed not only via the brand website but also through online ordering apps, third-party delivery services and menu aggregators.

Kansas City-based Trabon is a leading restaurant industry technology solutions and services company that serves more than 25 national restaurant brands spanning fast casual to fine dining. Since 1975, Trabon has been tailoring technology to help brands manage and integrate their complex menu, nutrition and marketing content through ever-evolving proprietary technology and innovation.