TOYO Chooses High-Speed Network Capture Appliance from Fermilab

TOYO Corporation, the test and measurement company, has announced that Fermilab, a United States Department of Energy national laboratory, has selected 100G SYNESIS to be part of their set of network visibility and security tools, the company said.

Fermilab plans to use the SYNESIS 100G capture appliance to develop algorithms to monitor and secure deployments over high-bandwidth connections. In addition to packet capture without loss, SYNESIS provides the added feature to replay recorded network traffic up to 100G. This makes it possible to pre-test any planned high-speed network infrastructure designs with real-world data.

TOYO Corporation´s SYNESIS is able to capture 100G without any packet loss and is able to replay captured data back at a 100G wire rate speed, providing a possible solution to the difficult problem of securing high-bandwidth data transfers.

The use of 100Gbps packet analyzer tools is not just for the Telecom world anymore, as these high-speed analyzers are also increasingly being used for security purposes.

TOYO has four years of experience engineering 100G packet capture appliances and over 30 years of experience in supplying high-speed capture and network management solutions. With many years of experience exceeding customer requirements in the Telecom, Financial, and Government industries throughout Asia, TOYO continues to expand further by supplying 100G capture appliances for use in security and to increase adoption in North America and European markets.