Towne Park partners with ParkDIA to improve Denver off-airport parking

Towne Park has partnered with ParkDIA at Denver International Airport to reimagine off-airport parking and build a better customer experience for travelers at the airport, the company said.

Towne Park is leveraging its nearly 30 years of experience in valet and hospitality services for premium hotels to give ParkDIA customers outstanding, seamless door-to-door hospitality.

Located just minutes from Denver International Airport, ParkDIA offers efficient mobile solutions and extensive amenities, including multiple parking options and a well-stocked traveler´s lounge. The facility offers over 7,500 spaces, with pick-up, drop-off, and assistance at your vehicle. Loyalty and discount programs are available; prices start at just USD 6 per day.

Towne Park currently manages approximately 30 off-airport and airport parking operations, serving nearly 20 of the country´s airports.

Towne Park is a hospitality and healthcare services company with over 13,000 employees at more than 800 sites nationwide, including approximately 500 hotel and hospitality sites and 300 hospitals.