TourRadar experience major growth

In August, TourRadar expanded its network and possibilities, a move that has taken the company to new heights.

TourRadar has seen 200 percent growth between the third quarter of 2014 to the following in 2015 within the booming group tour market. The company is a leader in the industry that currently holds a worldwide USD55 billion addressable market.

Not only does TourRadar offer the ability to book multi-day tours, they also house tens of thousands real, unbiased reviews from fellow travellers. These reviews on travel websites like TourRadar and TripAdvisor are the backbone of the tour industry, giving travellers confidence and an understanding in what they are booking.

Working closely with 500+ operators, TourRadar knows these partnerships are critical to the formula that makes them a successful entity.

TourRadar is an online marketplace for multi-day tours. With its headquarters in Vienna and regional support centres in Brisbane and Toronto, TourRadar has a vision of bringing like-minded travellers together for journeys of a lifetime.