Toshiba offers new SOI process for RF switch applications

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) said it has announced the development of a next generation TarfSOIâ„¢ (Toshiba advanced RF SOI) process optimized for radio-frequency (RF) switch applications.

Designed for use in smartphones, the SP12T RF switch IC features an integrated MIPI®-RFFE controller for mobile applications. The device is suitable for use in devices compliant with 3GPP™ GSM, UMTS, W-CDMA, LTE™ and LTE-Advanced standards.

With the trend in mobile communications towards high data rate, high-capacity data transfers, RF switch ICs used in mobile devices, including smartphones, require multi-port support and improved RF performance. Lowering insertion loss is recognized as a particularly important factor in this, as it decreases RF transmission power loss, which can support a longer battery life for mobile devices.

Toshiba is developing high-performance RF switch ICs utilizing its in-house fab to apply SOI-CMOS technology, which is suitable for integrating analog and digital circuits.

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