Toshiba launches GridDB NoSQL Database

Toshiba´s Industrial Solutions and Services Division (SSD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., has launched GridDB Standard Edition (SE), a NoSQL Database purpose-built for mastering the opportunities of the new Internet of Things (IoT), the company said.

Delivering NoSQL data formats in a distributed IoT database, GridDB SE employs an ingenious key-container model and time-series functionality to provide the capabilities developers need to create cutting-edge solutions in the fields of Power Generation, Building Management, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail and more.

GridDB SE offers a hybrid combination of in-memory and disk architecture that delivers average throughput up to five times higher and latency up to four times lower than that of competing NoSQL databases. Toshiba´s database solution can scale out linearly using commodity hardware while maintaining excellent performance.

Because of IoT opportunities available, Toshiba has open-sourced GridDB and is actively seeking partners for IoT co-development projects.

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