Topia announces GDPR readiness

Global Mobility Management (GMM) company Topia has announced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness of its entire GMM suite per the new standard, , the company said.

Topia´s GMM suite compliance ensures that its suite meets the international standard to safeguard the broadest range of personal information across its global business operations. In addition, the company has updated its privacy policy to reflect its new security posture and implemented a system to quickly respond to new types of data requests.

The user experience on the Topia platform will not change; customers will still enjoy the same ease of use, simplified move planning and management, and visibility into their full GMM program that allows companies and their employees to work everywhere. On the backend, Topia has implemented both GDPR data protection standards, as well as a new email alias ( to which customers and employees can send data privacy inquiries.

Topia (formerly MOVE Guides and Polaris Global Mobility), the global mobility management company, reduces barriers between people and places to enable employees to work from anywhere through its integrated suite of mobility solutions and services.