Topdown partners to provide 100% cloud-based CCM solution

Top Down Systems Corporation, a developer of customer communication management (CCM) software applications, and Infosys, Ltd. (“Infosys”), a global provider of next-generation digital services and consulting, have announced that they are teaming up to provide 100% cloud-based CCM solutions which will help companies across the globe accelerate their digital transformation efforts, the companies said.

The partnership combines the Topdown INTOUCH® CCM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with Infosys´ implementation and support services. This will enable companies to efficiently move the management of customer communications to the cloud to improve customer experience, increase agility, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Cloud-based CCM features the usual SaaS benefits, including increased flexibility, infrastructure savings, and shifting risks to third-party vendors. CCM-specific benefits encompass critical processes like content creation, and review/approval workflows are made readily available to any authorized user at any time and place.

Topdown engineered the INTOUCH platform using content services and makes those microservices available to INTOUCH customers. As a result, analysts acknowledge INTOUCH as a premium content services application that multiplies the agility and flexibility of the cloud, increases the ease of integration, and extends the return on investment (ROI) of INTOUCH.

INTOUCH represents the best of both worlds. It is the only cloud-native CCM solution built from microservices. That means companies can use it to address current CCM use cases, and then leverage the content services to solve for emerging use cases.

The Topdown-Infosys partnership delivers an industry-leading CCM solution to companies around the world in the financial services, healthcare, life sciences and other industries, as well as to the public sector.

Topdown provides customer communication management software and services to organizations looking to provide the best possible customer experience during high-value customer journeys. For nearly 40 years, from the mainframe to the desktop and now to the cloud, Topdown has helped companies communicate more effectively and efficiently with their customers.