Tools For Remote Team Work

Remote working is an increasingly important function for every business. During the covid-19 outbreak it has become essential. We are all learning that emails just don’t quite cut it. We rely on using facial and vocal cues to convey complex ideas and manage performance. So, if we are to work effectively in a team remotely, we still need some way of conveying and using this emotional intelligence. Advanced document sharing and management tools are also vital for efficient, error free working.

Every business, irrespective of size, is having to establish how remote working should operate for them. The most important priorities are;

  1. Identifying the right collaboration tool to use and 
  2. Providing IT support to their remote teams. 

IT Support

IT support will be even more important (but harder to provide) when your staff are spread out all over the place, working at different times of the day and night and using a bewildering array of different devices. One or two non-specialist inhouse IT people are unlikely to be able to provide the range of expertise needed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You really need to engage a specialist IT support company who can provide round the clock support and who has access to a large number of technical specialists. 

Document Storage and Sharing

Secure cloud-based document sharing is the cornerstone of remote working. Dropbox, Google Docs and Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 are all good options. You can create, edit and store documents securely and control read and edit access by document or folder. 

Video Conferencing

Facetime and WhatsApp are all great tools for small numbers of callers but for a scalable business solution you probably want to look at offerings that can cope with lots more people and have added features like screen sharing, mobile integration and support for iOS and Android.  Some tools to consider are Zoom Meetings, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Teams. Skype, Zoom Meeting and Google Hangouts are free.


Which Collaboration Tool?

There is a bewildering array of collaboration tools out there to help you achieve successful remote working. One size does not fit all so you need to consider how you want it to work for you and then choose the software or provider that is the best fit.  Here is a short list of some very good tools that are worthy of your consideration; Microsoft Teams, Slack and G Suite.

Project Management Tools For complex projects you are best using a specialist project management tool. There are plenty of tried and tested solutions that work beautifully for remote teams; Asana, Trello and Ryver.