TNS launches roaming risk mitigation capabilities for operators

Operators can now more easily mitigate the risks associated with roaming activities thanks to a series of enhancements which Transaction Network Services (TNS) is making to its advanced 4G roaming ecosystem called the TNS Data Services Hub, the company said.

Designed to provide operators with scale and overcome interoperability issues across multiple vendor variants and protocols, the TNS Data Services Hub is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry. The new roaming risk mitigation features being introduced include data capping, usage notifications, opt-in/opt-out, automated roamer greetings, tiered classes of service and data throttling.

Operators can deploy the data capping feature to place a limit on subscribers to help minimize bill shock and unnecessary use of data when roaming internationally. This will provide peace of mind for operators who currently experience extensive data roaming charges from their roaming partners. Operators can also offer tiered levels of service with different data limits based on the variety of packages they may offer.

The automated roamer greeting feature is expected to be particularly welcomed by operators. This allows operators to inform their subscribers with specifics about their data plan and usage limits, as well as customer service information when they are out of the country.

Usage notifications can be delivered to subscribers to keep them up to date with how they have used a certain percentage of data allowed under their data cap. Subscribers can also elect to opt-in or -out of international data roaming, and data throttling will allow operators to provide faster or slower data speeds for particular subscribers based on their chosen data package.

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