Time2Market picks ThousandEyes network intelligence

ThousandEyes, the network intelligence company that provides visibility into the Internet, cloud and every network that companies run on, has announced Time2Market (T2M), a Unified Communications (UC) integrator and cloud-hosted VoIP provider, has selected ThousandEyes to gain external network visibility in order to provide the highest quality UC experiences for T2M customers, the company said.

To deliver an enterprise-class service to their customers, ThousandEyes helps T2M monitor the performance of third-party VoIP services in the cloud, such as Skype for Business, in addition to T2M´s own hosted solution. T2M also uses ThousandEyes to help with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure readiness assessments for their customers, simulating customer connectivity to the nearest cloud provider datacenter, which allows T2M to accurately predict the best possible VoIP and application performance.

ThousandEyes empowers businesses to see, understand and improve connected experiences everywhere. The ThousandEyes cloud platform offers unmatched vantage points throughout the global Internet and provides immediate visibility into experience for every user and application over any network, so companies can deliver superior digital experiences, modernize their enterprise WAN and successfully migrate to the cloud. For more information, visit www.ThousandEyes.com.

Time2Market (T2M) provides strategic business and technical consulting for the design and deployment of modern communications solutions.