Time-delayed photo-sharing app inspired by movie raises USD1.5m

Flashgap, a time-delayed photo-sharing app inspired by the movie The Hangover, said it has closed a USD1.5 million seed round to launch in the United States.

The new version of the app allows users to create a Flashgap and invite friends to join the group album. The timer begins and all photos taken in the album disappear within three seconds… It is only the next day, at 12:00pm, that the full album is revealed with all the pictures taken by the participants on the previous night.

Flashgap launched into beta six months ago in the UK, and over 2 million photos and videos have already been taken and uploaded. Some key new features include comment sections on pictures, privacy options for open or closed albums, and the ability to connect groups via third-party social and messaging platforms. The app is now available on both iOS and Android and is free of charge.

The real revelation and outbreak that pushed Julian Kabab into creating Flashgap, were the end credits in the movie ´The Hangover´, where pictures from the previous night are revealed.

Based in Paris, France, and launched in beta in December 2014, Flashgap has gained popularity with the European college crowd.