Tier-1 mobile operators, Accedian deploy virtualized performance assurance

Accedian has reported its fully virtualized mobile network monitoring platform is the first to have been deployed to assure LTE networks, the company said.

Multiple Tier-1 Asian operators have complete visibility into network quality of service (QoS) and user experience in real-time from a single, centralized system. The deployments form the foundation for quality-first networks that are disrupting the ´de facto´ model of competing for subscribers with ´lowest price, good enough´ performance.

With the goal of optimizing user experience, operators use the Accedian solution to monitor a wide range of performance metrics, collected from hundreds of thousands of network nodes every second. This real-time view of a network´s health is directly integrated into big data analytics platforms, providing insight into voice, video, mobile application, and broadband performance.

Accedian solutions are used to monitor leading mobile networks worldwide. These recent LTE deployments are the first to use a fully virtualized version of Accedian´s SkyLIGHT performance platform. In these deployments, the operators are using the SkyLIGHT platform to monitor mobile network backhaul performance over multiple service priorities, and to give direct quality of experience (QoE) visibility into VoLTE voice quality, application latency, and streaming media performance.

Accedian delivers end-to-end network performance visibility, for control over the user experience. Providing a current view of network health, Accedian improves visibility with actionable insights for reliability and quality of service (QoS).