Ticketing comes to Facebook

Earlier this month, both Ticketmaster and Eventbrite said they will start selling tickets directly through Facebook. Last week in the Ticketing Technology Forum in Dublin, SAP also unveiled their own social ticketing solution.

Since social commerce was a buzzword in 2011, it never really took off in the ticketing sector. 2016 might be a turning point for social ticketing as both Ticketmaster and Eventbrite´s research shows. Live Analytics, Ticketmaster´s research division, published in August 2014 research showing that 52 percent of Facebook users are interested in seeing where their Facebook friends are sitting in events.

FutureTix consulting conducted a survey among ticketing professionals which showed that 97 percent of ticketing professionals think that social ticketing will be an important sales channel in the future. Now that Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and SAP have decided to sell tickets through Facebook, the future has arrived.

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