Three mobile operators in India continue large scale expansion of 4G services with Ceragon platform

Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: CRNT) has reported three mobile operators in India are continuing the large-scale expansion of their 4G services with Ceragon´s IP-20 platform, the company said.

These Ceragon customers have placed orders totaling nearly USD40 million, year to date, whereby approximately 25 percent of related revenue was recognized in Q1 and the remainder will be recognized in the coming quarters.

The operators require a 4G rollout that supports their current and future growing capacity requirements, and ultimately allows them to take advantage of increased revenue opportunities.

The IP-20 platform´s multicore technology enables the operators to enhance their customers´ quality of experience and achieve subscriber acquisition rates by supplying 4G ultra-high capacity.

The technology also increases operational efficiency and delivers significant CAPEX and OPEX savings by offering a low footprint, all-outdoor solution with fewer radios and smaller antennas that reduces tower loads and minimizes tower leasing costs. The IP-20 offers comprehensive multi RAN-vendor interoperability capabilities, saving the operators even more valuable time and money to achieve 4G service availability across the country with high subscriber acquisition rates.

Ceragon Networks Ltd. is a wireless backhaul specialist, helping operators and other service providers worldwide increase operational efficiency and enhancing end customers´ quality of experience with wireless backhaul solutions.