ThoughtFocus, Level 3 Inspection collaborate to deliver tech laboratory, after-market aircraft parts

ThoughtFocus has partnered with Level 3 Inspection LLC, to deliver advanced technology laboratory and parts development services for quality-assured aftermarket aviation parts, the company said.

The joint aviation parts initiative concentrates on parts manufacturer approval (PMA) and designated engineering representative (DER) repair, two disciplines required in the design, manufacturing, testing, and certification of aircraft parts for aftermarket sale and use. The globally integrated, advanced technology laboratory and development service intend to offer the latest advances in PMA and DER software, hardware and testing to assure the integrity of reverse-engineered and revitalized aftermarket parts, components and assemblies.

Level 3 Inspection Ltd. offers computer-aided inspection (CAI) technology for precision manufacturing.

ThoughtFocus is a consulting, engineering and business process management firm serving the aviation and aerospace industry