ThinkVine offers unprecedented access to insights, speed, agility

ThinkVine said it ha announced the release of its digital attribution module.

The new capability complements ThinkVine´s leading cross-channel marketing planning and optimization software platform, providing marketers with a complete view from top to bottom within the planning and execution cycle. This meets marketers´ need for immediate access to insights to drive faster, smarter decisions.

Consistently ranked as a leader for Marketing Mix Modeling by Forrester Research over the past four years, ThinkVine has garnered top marks for its software technology and innovative approach and vision for marketing mix. The company continues to innovate with this new release. When bundled with ThinkVine´s current capabilities, the new digital attribution capability enables marketing planning and execution measurement down to the most granular level within addressable channels, such as display, digital video, social and search.

ThinkVine´s technology platform and services lead the market in providing cross-channel marketing attribution and optimization to the world´s largest consumer brands. By leveraging cutting edge, proprietary analytics and software technology, the ThinkVine platform increases marketing driven sales by an average of 28 percent without increasing spend.