Thinking of getting a new car? January is the best time to buy one.

Didn’t get what you wanted this Christmas? Well according to car specialist, Glass’s Guide, January is the best time to buy a car.

Fresh stock and quiet periods means that January, offers plenty of opportunities to snap up bargain deals as dealers are more eager to sell.

Slow sales mean that there are bargains available, as car prices may be slashed. Allowing potential buyers to haggle dealers for a reduction in price.

However the search for a cheap car can also depend on the model you are after. Glass’s Guide states that January is the best month to get your hands on a convertible for the summer.

Demand for flashy topless models are low in the winter which means savings are at their highest.

But drivers wanting to bag a bargain on a4x4 will struggle to do so. Following three consecutive snowy winters, the demand is high for snow proof vehicles.

Tips to bag a cheap car in January 

–       Always offer around 10 per cent or £1,000 less than the cars valued price. For example: If a car for sale was £6,000 offer £5,000. This opens the space for negotiation, it can be daunting but don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. Car dealers are use to this and after all you’re only look to bag the best deal.

–       You are being sold the car by a salesman, so don’t act too interested. This means the salesman will feel more inclines to offer you a discount to keep you interested.

–       Do your research. Look at a reputable car valuation service like Glass’s Guide, to see how much the car should be valued at, and look at the full-run down on the car’s rating and performance. That way you won’t end up with an overpriced dud.

–       Ask about added extras, there’s no harm in asking. Ask about items such as upgrades, a car warranty, and MOT or whatever else you can get thrown in.

–       Make sure you know which car you want and your budget. Don’t be persuaded by salespeople to spend more than you can afford – or if you don’t like the deal, walk away. Make sure you budget for additional items such as car insurance as this can affect your budget.

Article by Charlotte Greenhalgh